Winter 2024 Live + Virtual Workshop

Date: Thursday January 18, 2024 

Time: 8:00am-4:00pm

Location: Live + Virtual Event

Map Link and Directions: Brooklyn Park Community Center 5600 85th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55443

Parking: On Site 

TCOUG Check In: (Please register) - NOTE: email or and let us know if you are attending virtually or attending in person. 

Wifi : provided at the site.

Oracle Database with Active Directory 

Proxy Users

 Security and Monitoring 

Please see the detailed agenda below.

Workshop Sponsors

Detailed Agenda

08:00AM CST Registration

08:30AM CST       Breakfast

09:00AM CST       Welcome note by TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

09:15AM CST       Message from our Sponsor - Collier IT

09:30AM CST       Seamless Integration of Oracle Database with Active Directory

by Don Deets - SME on integrating Oracle Databases into Active Directory, Oracle, Inc.

֎ Starting with version 18c Oracle Database users can be directly authenticated and authorized against Active Directory.  Users can authenticate to the Oracle Database using credentials stored in Active Directory and also be associated with database schemas and roles using Active Directory groups. This technical session will explore the benefits of Single Sign-On and Zero Trust and the options available for the transparent integration of Active Directory with your Oracle Databases. 

10:30AM CST     Annual Elections-Voting/Coffee Break  

11:00AM CST       OCI Oracle Cloud Database Service Economics

by Biju Thomas, Oracle ACE Director, Global Oracle Practice Lead at Data Intensity, Data Intensity

֎ I was involved in multiple OCI migrations in 2023 and would like to share my experiences in the design and architecture phase. A few topics to cover are:

·        Oracle Database 19c long term support, release of 23c, upgrade support for 11g, 12.1 and 12.2

·        ExaCS economics – when does it make sense to consider dedicated ExaCS solution instead of Oracle DB System PaaS service

·        Standard Edition and OCI DB Services

·        An autonomous database case study – license economics.

·        A few ExaCS features to overcome BYOL product license shortages.

And of course, open forum to answer any OCI migration questions.  

12:00AM CST     Lunch and Networking

1:00PM CST         Oracle Database: Best Monitoring Practices

by Daniel Morgan, ACE Director Alum

Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security, Oracle Professional Services |     Minneapolis, Minnesota US

֎ From the perspective of monitoring, database Security and Performance are very different. When performance is poor every user is an active agent: You have multiple sources of real-time feedback. From the standpoint of security, the feedback will usually come in the form of a failed audit, a successful ransomware attack, or your organization's data being sold on the dark web: None of which are going to make it the best day of your life.  

2:00PM CST     Tea Break ☕ / Election Results

2:15PM CST         Maximize Security and Minimize Headaches with Oracle Database Proxy Users

by Daniel Morgan, ACE Director Alum

Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security, Oracle  Professional Services | Minneapolis, Minnesota US

֎ - Proxy Users are the most secure and easily managed way to provision users in an Oracle Database.
- Proxy users have been fully documented, fully supported, and in your existing license since version 9.2.
- So why isn't everyone provisioning users as Proxy Users?
- Lack of familiarity it seems ... this seminar will hopefully change that for those that attend.
- And who will get to see a user securely connect to an database with zero granted privileges.

3:15PM CST         Raffle (only for in-person attendees)

3:30PM CST         Closing note by the TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

About the Speakers

Biju Thomas - Oracle ACE Director, Global Oracle Practice Lead (Data Intensity)

Biju Thomas is senior technical leader with a combination of hands-on database skills, enterprise-wide team leadership, Oracle & E-Business suite architecture solutions, and project management experiences. Oracle ACE Director recognition combined with multiple technology certifications. Author of Oracle Certification books published by Sybex Inc.

Don Deets - Oracle Professional Services, Sr. Practice Director, Database, Cloud IAM security (Oracle)

Don Deets - Oracle Professional Services, Senior Practice Director, Database, Cloud, Identity and Access Management Security.

He has 25+ Years of experience in Security.   Most of his experience is with Identity and Access Management including Role Based, Attribute Based, Policy Based Roles. 

Daniel Morgan - Ace Director Alum, Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security Professional Services | Minneapolis, MN US (Oracle)

Daniel Morgan is currently Technical Director of Database Security at Oracle and a member of Oracle’s internal Security Tiger Team.   Morgan began his career as an Oracle Database consultant in the mid-1980s working with version 5.1 and is now actively Beta Testing version 23c. His career has included being one of the first Oracle ACE Directors (2007), an adjunct professor at the University of Washington, international travel for Oracle to countries and numerous times speaking at Oracle conferences in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Suresh Sikharam - President TCOUG, Enterprise Data and Systems Architect

President, TCOUG