Virtual Spring 2021

Date: Thursday May 20, 2021

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

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Oracle Database (19c, 21c) New Features / Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security

Kashif Dhatwani, Chief Security Architect and Sr. Security Director - BIAS corporation an Oracle Certified Partner

Oracle Database New Features 19c and 21c

Sean Stacey, Director of Product Management, Oracle Server Technologies - Oracle Corp.

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09:00AM CDT Opening note by TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

09:05AM CDT Message from our Sponsor - Collier IT

09:10AM CDT Oracle Database New Features - 19c and 21c by Sean Stacey - Director of Product Management, Oracle

Server Technologies (Oracle Corp.)

  • Join Oracle Database Product Management to learn about what's new in the latest version of the Oracle Database. The session will cover the latest innovations available in the Oracle Database from Blockchain Tables, Hybrid Partitioned Tables, Real-time Statistics and the Native JSON datatype just to name a few. Find out why these features are important and why you need to know about them

  • The session includes live demonstrations on using many of the new features

09:55AM CDT TCOUG Board Elections

10:15AM CDT CONTINUED - Oracle Database New Features - 19c and 21c by Sean Stacey)

11:00 AM CDT Break

11:10 AM CDT Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security

by Kashif Dhatwani - Chief Security Architect & Sr. Security Director (BIAS Corp.)

  • The proliferation of Cloud technologies and concentrated efforts by organizations towards Digital Transformation has also given rise to a new threat landscape. In this session, we explore the trends and technologies for protecting your IT assets while leveraging efficiencies of the Cloud. While we will discuss generic trends, we will also specifically focus on Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure and some of the native and complementing capabilities available within the solution to protect both applications and databases. We will review how existing solutions can be leveraged and expanded to build centralized security frameworks for these new decentralized workloads. We will share our examples of best practices tied with industry research and will answer your questions to help strengthen your organization's security posture

11:55 PM CDT Closing note by the TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

About the Speakers

Kashif Dhatwani - BIAS Corp. (Oracle Certified Partner)

Kashif Dhatwani is a Chief Security Architect and Senior Director of the Information Security Practice at BIAS. He has 20+ years of experience in Information Technology and as a lead advisor serves BIAS’ customers to align business and IT transformations to adapt to the ever changing security landscape. Kashif leads the practice to serve customers for conducting assessments, building roadmaps and strategies, designing architectures, and delivering solutions across Identity & Access Management, Data Security and for last several years an emphasis on Cloud-based security solutions. Kashif’s experience in product development and consulting which he has gained during his current time at BIAS and previously at Oracle and IBM, equips him to deliver best-of-breed industry solutions. His passion is to deliver best-practices based simplified solutions to solve complex problems and to enable individuals, teams, and customers for success. Kashif now lives in Atlanta, GA, and continues to love Denver, CO where he received his MS and build initial part of his career.

Sean Stacey - Oracle Corp.

Sean Stacey is a Director of Product Management in Oracle's Server Technologies organization. Sean joined Oracle in 1997, and during his time with Oracle has focused much of his time supporting Oracle's partner community with programs focused on Oracle Database adoption. Most recently Sean has been working with Oracle customers and partners to help them move to Oracle Database 19c and the Autonomous Database.

Sean's expertise in the Oracle database is both theoretical as well as hands-on. He frequently provides technical advisory services and education to Oracle customers and partners to ensure they are getting the most benefits from their Oracle technology investment. In addition to these program activities, he has authored several white papers and frequently speaks at Oracle user conferences.

Prior to joining Oracle, Sean was a software developer and then an Oracle Database Administrator in Australia, the United Kingdom as well as the United States. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Brian Bream - CEO Collier IT (Sponsor)

  • Brian is the Chief Executive Officer at Collier IT and an Oracle ACE Director for Systems Technologies He has over 37 years in the Information Technology field starting in the US Navy in 1981. Although proficient in many technologies his passion has been in the Operating Environment, Engineered Systems, Data Center grade servers, Big Data/Hadoop, and storage. He has been teaching for Sun Microsystems / Oracle since 2000. Brian actively writes a blog and provides formal presentations on various Oracle and related technology topics.

  • You can follow Brian on Twitter @Snatchbrain

Suresh Sikharam - President TCOUG

President, TCOUG

  • Suresh has over 24 years of experience in Developing, Architecting, performance tuning Oracle and SQL applications.

  • People manager, and lead many technical teams to success in software development and CI/CD space using Git, BAMS, Puppet, Flyway

  • Leading efforts in the Enterprise Data Architecture realm.