Fall 2022 Virtual Workshop

Date: Thursday November 17, 2022 

Time: 9:00am-1:00pm

Location: Virtual Event

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TCOUG Check In: None (Please register)

Wifi : N/A

Oracle What's New, What's Next, Quantum Computing, Learn Oracle Cloud Services, MySQL Heatwave.... 

Oracle What's New, What's Next

Get up to date on recent Oracle Database news and developments..... 

by Sean Stacey, Director Platform Solutions, (Oracle Corp.) 

Introduction & Concept of Quantum Computation   

What is Quantum Computing, history of quantum....

by Anirban Kanjilal, Principal Cloud & Platform Architect (Interac Corporation) 

MySQL HeatWave 

One database service for OLAP, OLTP and ML....

by Nipun Agarwal, Sr. Vice President, MySQL HeatWave (Oracle Corp.) 

For Oracle DBA's, Learn Oracle Cloud Services

Are you an Oracle DBA wanting to learn Oracle Cloud Services?  Learn them for free....

by Biju Thomas, Oracle ACE Director, Heads Global Oracle Practice (Innovation) 

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Detailed Agenda

09:00AM CST     Opening note by TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

09:05AM CST     Message from our Sponsor - Collier IT

09:10AM CST     Oracle Database - What's New, What's Next

by Sean Stacey, Director, Platform Solutions

Get up to date on recent Oracle Database news and developments. Get a sneak preview – directly from the Oracle Database development team – of what is coming in the next major release of Oracle Database. 

10:00AM CST    Break (10 minutes) 

10:10AM CST     MySQL HeatWave: One Database Service for OLTP, OLAP, and Machine 

Learning by Nipun Agarwal, Senior Vice President, MySQL HeatWave,


 In this session you will learn about MySQL HeatWave for transactions, analytics, and machine learning (ML). You will also learn about MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, letting users process and query hundreds of terabytes of data in the object store—in a variety of file formats, such as CSV, Parquet, and Aurora/Redshift backups. As demonstrated by a 400 TB TPC-H benchmark, the query performance of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse is 17X faster than Snowflake and 6X faster than Amazon Redshift. Available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure.

11:00AM CST     Break (10 minutes)

11:10AM CST    Introduction & concept of quantum computation

                              by Anirban Kanjilal, Principal Cloud & Platform Architect, 

Interac Corporation 

                          What is quantum computation, history of quantum, difference between

classical & quantum and why quantum computation fits specific use cases.   

12:00PM CST     Break (10 minutes) 

12:10PM CST    Are you an Oracle DBA wanting to learn Oracle Cloud Services? Learn for free!

by Biju Thomas, Data Intensity

To manage and get the best out of any hyperscalar public cloud services, you need to understand the essential architecture components, available services, and service dependencies. Luckily, learning Oracle cloud is free. Let me show you the various learning opportunities available for a DBA and what to know with recommended course order. We will explore Oracle Education courses, Oracle Partner Network courses/webinars, and Oracle LiveLabs. I will also show you how to sign up for Oracle Cloud free trial and the “Always Free” services.  


  1:00PM CST     Closing note by the TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

About the Speakers

Sean Staceyy - Director Platform Solutions (Oracle Corp.

Sean Stacey is a Director of Product Management in Oracle's Server Technologies organization. Sean joined Oracle in 1997, and during his time with Oracle has focused much of his time supporting Oracle's partner community with programs focused on Oracle Database adoption. Most recently Sean has been working with Oracle customers and partners to help them move to Oracle Database 19c and the Autonomous Database.


Sean's expertise in the Oracle database is both theoretical as well as hands-on. He frequently provides technical advisory services and education to Oracle customers and partners to ensure they are getting the most from their Oracle technology investment. In addition to these program activities, he has authored several white papers and frequently speaks at Oracle user conferences.


Prior to joining Oracle, Sean was a software developer and then an Oracle Database Administrator in Australia, the United Kingdom as well as the United States. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.    

Anirban Kanjilal - Principal Cloud & Platform Architect Interac Corporation 

Anirban Kanjilal is a quantum enthusiast and digital transformation leader, he works on cloud strategies and roadmap, design full resilient, highly secured, always-on services. He has worked in multiple transformation projects across the globe for companies in multiple business domains; utility, retail, banking, & payment processing/finance etc. He started taking interest in quantum computation back in 2003 and with the advancement of the topic he expanded his knowledgebase on the subject. He has attended various courses on quantum computation, published articles and explored quantum concepts on various simulators & timeshared quantum computers available in the market. 

Nipun Agarwal - Sr. VP Oracle HeatWave (Oracle Corp.)  

Nipun Agarwal is Senior Vice President of MySQL database and HeatWave development at Oracle. His interests include data processing, machine learning and cloud computing. Prior to this role, Nipun was in Oracle Labs directing a number of research initiatives which were introduced as new products at Oracle including MySQL HeatWave. Nipun joined Oracle in 1994 with a MS in Computer Science and was in the Oracle database team for several years. He has been awarded two hundred patents.    

Biju Thomas - Oracle Ace Director, Head of Global Oracle Practice (Innovation) (Data Intensity)  

Biju Thomas is senior technical leader with a combination of hands-on database skills, enterprise-wide team leadership, Oracle & E-Business suite architecture solutions, and project management experiences. Oracle ACE Director recognition combined with multiple technology certifications. Author of Oracle Certification books published by Sybex Inc.


Suresh Sikharam - President TCOUG, Enterprise Data and Systems Architect

President, TCOUG