Summer 2023 Live Workshop

Date: Thursday September 28, 2023 

Time: 8:00am-4:00pm + happy hour on site

Location: Live Event

Map Link and Directions: Brackett's Crossing Country Club - 17976 Judicial Rd, Lakeville, MN 55044

Parking: On Site 

TCOUG Check In: (Please register) - NOTE: Registration is for the live event. Please DO NOT use the zoom to join the event.  we will see you in person at Brackett's Crossing.

Wifi : provided at the site.

Oracle Database 23c 

Roadmap Overview

New Features for developers

What's new in Database Security

Please see the detailed agenda below.

Workshop Sponsors

Detailed Agenda

08:00AM CST Registration

08:30AM CST        Breakfast

09:00AM CST        Welcome note by TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

09:15AM CST        Message from our Sponsor - Collier IT

09:30AM CST        Oracle Database Roadmap 23c overviewSession #1

by Sean Stacey, Director Platform Solutions, Oracle, Inc.


10:30AM CST     Coffee Break

10:45AM CST        Oracle Database 23c new features for developersSession #2

by Sean Stacey, Director Platform Solutions, Oracle, Inc.


11:45AM CST       Lunch and Network

1:00PM CST            Oracle Database 23c - What's new in Database SecuritySession #1

by Daniel Morgan, ACE Director Alum

Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security, Oracle Professional Services |     Minneapolis, Minnesota US

֎ Every new version of the Oracle Database contains changes to

security ... we loudly and proudly announce what is new, we spend

less time talking about what has been deprecated or desupported,

and even less time providing guidance on what to change, what to

deploy, and prioritization.

֎ This 2-hour Workshop we will cover the many changes Oracle 23c

is bringing to the Oracle Database, the changes to the landscape,

provide guidance on making decisions on what you should do first,

second, and perhaps never ... and there will be some demos, as

always, live in SQL*Plus. 

֎ This session has been designed for an audience of not just DBAs

but also Developers and members of your Information Security

team that you work with so that they are tracking with what you will

be doing. 

2:00PM CST       Tea Break

2:15PM CST            Oracle Database 23c - What's new Database Security continuedSession #2

by Daniel Morgan, ACE Director Alum

Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security, Oracle  Professional Services | Minneapolis, Minnesota US

3:00PM CST            Oracle Database Attack Surface Reduction – Continued…. Session #2

     by Daniel Morgan, ACE Director Alum

Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security, Oracle  Professional Services | Minneapolis, Minnesota US                               

3:15 PM CST           Raffle

3:30PM CST            Closing note by the TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

3:45PM CST            Happy hour on site, buy your own drinks and network

About the Speakers

Sean Stacey - Director Platform Solutions (Oracle)

Sean Stacey is a Director of Product Management in Oracle's Server Technologies organization. Sean joined Oracle in 1997, and during his time with Oracle has focused much of his time supporting Oracle's partner community with programs focused on Oracle Database adoption. Most recently Sean has been working with Oracle customers and partners to help them move to Oracle Database 19c and the Autonomous Database.

Sean's expertise in the Oracle database is both theoretical as well as hands-on. He frequently provides technical advisory services and education to Oracle customers and partners to ensure they are getting the most from their Oracle technology investment. In addition to these program activities, he has authored several white papers and frequently speaks at Oracle user conferences.

Prior to joining Oracle, Sean was a software developer and then an Oracle Database Administrator in Australia, the United Kingdom as well as the United States. He currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Daniel Morgan - Ace Director Alum, Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security Professional Services | Minneapolis, MN US (Oracle)

Daniel Morgan is currently Technical Director of Database Security at Oracle and a member of Oracle’s internal Security Tiger Team.   Morgan began his career as an Oracle Database consultant in the mid-1980s working with version 5.1 and is now actively Beta Testing version 23c. His career has included being one of the first Oracle ACE Directors (2007), an adjunct professor at the University of Washington, international travel for Oracle to countries and numerous times speaking at Oracle conferences in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Suresh Sikharam - President TCOUG, Enterprise Data and Systems Architect

President, TCOUG