Sponsorship Info

November 28, 2023 update

The board has reviewed the financial report and has decided to update the fee structure for sponsorship.  Please scroll down to see the changes.  Due to inflation and our rising base management costs this action was necessary to keep the organization financially strong and viable.

Sponsorship Benefits

TCOUG sponsors help support the costs of our meetings (food, facilities) and have an opportunity to engage with our members at quarterly meetings. Sponsors may collect business cards, contact names, or offer drawings where members voluntarily provide their contact information. Membership lists are not provided.

How to inquire more about sponsorship?

For sponsorship inquiries and additional information, please email the secretary at :  secretary@tcoug.org 

Sponsorship Levels

TCOUG offers the following sponsorship opportunities and benefits:

Annual Sponsorship: $2,500

Platinum Sponsorship: $1,500

Gold Sponsorship: $750

*TCOUG reserves the right to alter our sponsorship cost structure and benefits to coincide with industry trends.

*TCOUG member privacy is protected. Member lists are not provided. Sponsor may collect business cards etc. or offer drawings where members provide names voluntarily.

*Sponsors may submit presentation abstracts of a non-marketing nature for consideration and/or approval to be added to the agenda.