Fall 2020

Date: Thursday Sept 17th, 2020

Time: 10:30am-12:15pm

Location: Online

Map Link and Directions: Will be emailed when you register

Parking: Not needed! :)

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Wifi : Wherever you are working from for the day.

Oracle ACE program, Oracle DB Features 19c/20c

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10:30AM Opening note by TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

10:40AM Introduction to Oracle Ace program by Brian Bream

An overview of the different levels, the steps/expectations of attaining each level, the benefits and methods of attaining the designations including expense paid Oracle OpenWorld passes and Hotels/Transportation to/from Oracle Open World.

11:10AM Oracle Database Features missing out until you upgrade to 19c (or 20c)! by Biju Thomas

Now that Oracle is releasing a major version of the database every year, what is the big hurry in upgrading the database to 19c, right? There are quite a few reasons. Let’s talk about annual releases, database support, changes in licensing (something that benefits the customer, can you believe it!), a couple of great new additions in Standard Edition, and some of the best database features you should be using once you upgrade the database to 19c. You might think, why am I still talking about 19c, when 20c is “almost” GA. I will explain why, and when you should consider 20c or 21c.

12:10PM Closing note by the TCOUG President, Suresh Sikharam

About the Speakers

Brian Bream - Collier IT

Brian is the Chief Executive Officer at Collier IT and an Oracle ACE Director for Systems Technologies. He has over 37 years in the Information Technology field starting in the US Navy in 1981. Although proficient in many technologies his passion has been in the Operating Environment, Engineered Systems, Data Center grade servers, Big Data/Hadoop, and storage. He has been teaching for Sun Microsystems / Oracle since 2000. Brian actively writes a blog and provides formal presentations on various Oracle and related technology topics.

You can follow Brian on Twitter @Snatchbrain

Biju Thomas -

Biju Thomas is senior technical leader with a combination of hands-on database skills, enterprise-wide team leadership, Oracle & E-Business suite architecture solutions, and project management experiences. Oracle ACE Director recognition combined with multiple technology certifications. Author of Oracle Certification books published by Sybex Inc.