Winter 2020

Date: Wednesday Feb 19, 2020

Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Location: Boston Scientific Arden Hills Campus, 10 Innovation Way, Arden Hills, MN 55112

Map Link and Directions: Boston Scientific

Parking: There is a parking in the parking lot, across the street from the entry - see map

TCOUG Check In: Will be at the TCOUG desk where you will receive your name tags

Wifi : Complimentary wireless internet is in the process of being potentially secured. Details will be posted once everything is finalized.

Oracle Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Protection

"Existing Tables Lab" Part I

Using Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database with Balraj Kadaikal and Jason Zormeier from Oracle Corporation

"Existing Tables Lab" Part II

Connecting Oracle Analytics Cloud to Autonomous DB and Running ML with Balraj Kadaikal and Jason Zormeier from Oracle Corporation

How A Converged Database Enables Powerful Data-Driven Applications

Matthew O’Keefe, Ph.D., Corporate Technologist from Oracle Corporation

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Uses in Applications

Using Oracle Autonomous Database with Brian Bream, CEO from Collier IT

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About the Speakers

Balraj Kadaikal - Oracle Corp.

Balraj is a Solution Engineer based out of Santa Monica in the Oracle Cloud Solution Hub. Balraj graduated from the University of Southern California with a Masters in Computer Science and is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certified Architect. Balraj specializes in Cloud Native Computing, Deep Learning with TensorFlow, and Application Integration.

Jason Zormeier - Oracle Corp.

Jason is an Enterprise Cloud Architect for the West Central Region specializing in database and cloud architectures. I live in MN with my wonderful family and I hope to pass on to them one of my outlooks in life which is to live HIGH at all times – (my core values of Humor, Integrity, Generosity, and Honesty).

Matthew O'Keefe - Oracle Corporation

Limited function databases lead developers to write a lot more code and make IT infrastructure overly complex, brittle, and fragile. As businesses reach for digital transformation, they are finding that integrating all the critical functionality they need — IoT, machine learning, blockchain, and more — via traditional methods isn’t working. What they need is a database that provides seamless convergence and integration of data models, availability, security, performance, and fresh new technologies that can transform the business. In this talk, Dr. O'Keefe will introduce the concept behind such “data-driven applications” and hopefully open up a conversation about how you can help make them possible at your employer.

Brian Bream - Collier IT

Brian is the Chief Executive Officer at Collier IT and an Oracle ACE Director for Systems Technologies He has over 37 years in the Information Technology field starting in the US Navy in 1981. Although proficient in many technologies his passion has been in the Operating Environment, Engineered Systems, Data Center grade servers, Big Data/Hadoop, and storage. He has been teaching for Sun Microsystems / Oracle since 2000. Brian actively writes a blog and provides formal presentations on various Oracle and related technology topics.

You can follow Brian on Twitter @Snatchbrain