Board Members

Board members are volunteers from the industry, elected for 2 year terms.  The current board members and their contact information are listed below.

President - Suresh Sikharam

Primary Responsibilities: Coordinate the directors' activities, thereby ensuring a cohesive strategy. Review corporate and fiscal matters, and ensure open and fair elections.


Vice President - Mandeep Singh

Primary Responsibilities: Conducting the quarterly meetings, obtaining and scheduling speakers.


Secretary - Michelle McCarville

Primary Responsibilities: Recording minutes of the user group and board meetings, responding to requests for information about membership and other miscellaneous tasks.


Treasurer - Shem Ontiri

Primary Responsibilities: Maintaining bank account and financial records, collecting and depositing dues, maintaining member addresses and disbursing funds.

Membership Director - Ben Gong

Primary Responsibilities: Maintain centralized membership list. Organize and respond to rsvps for events. Manage surveys.

Special Projects Director -  Tata Dzernyuy

Primary Responsibilities: Scheduling facilities and catering for quarterly meetings and special events.

Communications Director - Steve Evuleocha

Primary Responsibilities: Compile and edit content submitted for publication on the website. Publish content to social media communication channels.


Webmaster - Mike Palmer

Primary Responsibilities: Administers website and coordinates content updates with Communication Director and other board members.